• Apple Walnut Salad

    Granny smith apples, honey smoked bacon and crunchy walnuts chopped in a bed of fresh romaine hearts and dressed with our own balsamic garlic dressing.
  • Our Warmer Side

    Your day just seems to get better when you curl up with a big bowl of our soup. Come in and enjoy any of our soups or chili made fresh for you every day.
  • Freshly baked just for you.

    Go ahead! You earned it!
  • The Big Salad Catering

    The Best of Everything
  • Hand Made is Always Better!

  • Pick-A-Pair

    Can’t decide on salad or soup? Try our Pick-a-Pair: soup, salad sandwich; your choice of any two.
  • All Great Things Come in Pairs!

  • Dream Big

    There are over 17 million ways to create a Big Salad. Create your own masterpiece in 6 easy steps!